Our menu has been created to offer you the best dining experience. We take pride in supporting local, sustainable and organic practices where possible and the result is to give the best of the Italian tradition with a “local twist”.

Our menu is designed to be personalised by you, choosing with flexibility your favourite options. However, our team will be happy to assist you for any questions or to organise a meeting with the General Manager Riccardo and the Executive Chef Raffaele to make your experience even more unique.

Riccardo (General Manager) and Raffaele (Executive Chef) can meet you on any Monday to discuss your requirements

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Example Function Menu Below


Lunch and Dinner - Starting from $65 Per Person

Inclusive of:

  1. 3 course menu

  2. House Garlic Focaccia

  3. Battilarda: Cured Meat and Cheese Board (To Share)

  4. 1 entrée choice, 3 mains options to be chosen (From “primi” and From “secondi”), 1 side dish

Choice options additional:

Prosecco on arrival $8 p.p.

Aperitif cocktail $12 p.p.

  • Gin garden: ink gin, elderflower liqueur, mint, bubble

  • Bloody Mango blood orange, mango, bubbles

  • Rossini: Strawberries, lemon, bubbles


Additional ENTRÉE choice: $5 pp, per course

Additional MAIN choice: $10 pp, per course

Additional side dish: $3 pp, per course

The Seafood Platter – $20 pp

  • To be discussed with the chef to have the best of the local seasonal products

Cheese Course - $7 pp

  • A selection of Italian and Australian farmhouse cheeses. Feel free to ask for our seasonal cheese menu

Dessert Buffet Upgrade - $15 pp to be discussed with the chef

Vegetarian options – Entrée

  • Portobello mushroom steak, pinzimonio (garlic, chilli, parlsey, evoo)

  • Antipasto Caprese. Buffalo mozzarella, fresh tomato, origano, basil, evoo

  • Involtino di Melanzane. Rolled eggplant, ricotta, chickpea puree

Vegetarian options – Main

  • Parmigiana di melanzane. Baked eggplant, mozzarella, sugo napoletano, basil, dop parmigiano reggiano

  • Lasagna di zucchine. Baked zucchine, mozzarella, bechamel, basil, dop parmigiano reggiano, black peppercorn

  • Saffron Malloreddus, porcini mushroom, sautéed rocket, pecorino romano



  • Seafood salad: prawns, calamari, mussels, octopus, lemon dressing, parsley (gf)

  • Duo di bruschette: Tomato, mozzarella, black olives, basil & Porcini, salsiccia, mozzarella (gfo)

  • Fremantle octopus tentacle, chickpea puree, ventricina crumble (gf)

  • Fresh Oysters, raspberry vinaigrette, pepper drops ($32 x dozen)

  • Battilarda: salumi and formaggi board, house made giardiniera mix (1 board every 3 people)

  • Bresaola, fresh rocket, DOP parmigiano Reggiano, lemon vinaigrette (gf)

  • Fritto italiano: potato croquettes, arancini, zeppoline, polenta fritta



  • Alla Contadina. Carnaroli rice, wild mushroom, Italian sausage, DOP pecorino romano crackers (gf)

  • Alla Pescatora. Carnaroli rice, prawns, calamari, mussels, clams (gf)

  • Alla Trevigiana. Carnaroli rice, DOP gorgonzola cheese, toasted walnuts, DOP parmigiano reggiano (gf)


  • Beef cheeks filled agnolotti, sugo napoletano, parmigiano bechamel, house italian pesto

  • Saffron Cavatelli, Shark Bay tiger prawns, shaved zucchini, lemon powder

  • Potato gnocchi, “St.Duke red” taleggio cheese, braised radicchio, crumbed hazelnut

  • ai crostacei. Shark bay Scampi, blue swimmer crab, dash of cream maggiorana (add. $10pp)



  • Barramundi, beetroot and rainbow tomato salad, gremolata

  • Herbs and pistachio crusted Swordfish, eggplant caponata

  • Tasmanian salmon, sautéed green vegetables, evoo

  • Fremantle baby octopus zuppetta, toasted house bread

  • Pink Snapper fillets, warm Mediterranean salad, lime butter sauce ($15pp)

  • Mixed local grilled seafood, pickled vegetables (add. $15pp)


  • “Amelia park” Lamb rack, pistachio crumble, eggplant caponata

  • “Amelia park”Lamb rump, seasonal roasted vegetables, vinocotto reduction

  • “Margaret River Company” Scotch Fillet, roasted potatoes, sautéed mixed mushroom (add. $10pp)

  • “Margaret River Company” Eye Fillet, roasted potatoes, green pepper dressing (add. $15pp)

  • Polletto alla cacciatora. Mediterranean spiced spatchcock, seasonal roasted vegetables

Side plates

  • Rocket, pear, pistachio salad, parmigiano Reggiano, evoo

  • Mixed green leaves, cucumber, carrot, cherry tomatoes, balsamic vinaigrette

  • Green vegetables, toasted pine nuts, garlic oil, chilli, black pepper

  • Roasted potatoes, garlic, rosemary

  • Fried potatoes, tomato sauce


  • Sicilian cannoli, sweet ricotta chocolate, orange sugar, pistachio crumble

  • Gianduja gelato bigné, hazelnut sauce, chocolate poppy crisp

  • Nocciola semifreddo, chocolate glaze, cristalised hazelnuts

  • Red fruit mousse, raspberry and strawberry coulis, cinnamon crumble

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Terms & Conditions

Located in the unique surrounds of Scarborough, perched high above the Indian Ocean and the beautiful beach sits La Capannina restaurant. Here we can create an event that exceeds your expectations by bringing the best Italian food, wine and service together in one unique location. Our Executive Chef, Raffaele Fusco, oversees the function menus, ensuring that your guests leave impressed. The inside area seats a maximum of one hundred and fifty (150) guests and our outside area can fit up to two hundred (200) people.