Food Menu

Our Italian menu is composed of dishes made in house from scratch. We choose seasonal ingredients with as much care as any Italian mother or grandmother to make sure you delight in the flavours each season has to offer. For Italians, food is not just food. Food is an essential companion of the beauty that surrounds them. Our Executive chef and his team have put together dishes that are reminiscent of their own childhood!

Drinks Menu

Our Drinks Menu is not your ordinary drinks menu, that’s for sure. We think local is always better, so we do our best to support local businesses in WA.  We’re proud of our Italian Craft Beers as well as of  our awesome Wines selected from Italy, Australia and a few other popular regions around the world. The cherry on top of the cake: all the cocktails on our menu have been created from scratch.



They say that if you love what you do, you don’t have to work a day in your life. We couldn’t agree more! Even though we put all the effort into making the perfect Italian dishes, the passion we have for what we do makes everything feel like a breeze. Like a breeze coming from the Indian Ocean, on a lovely afternoon spent on the most beautiful beach in Perth, admiring a breathtaking sunset.

Watch this video and see why we love what we do!